Honors Thesis 1 – an overview of the past 6 months of concepting

Oh wow how does one sum up so much time and work. The project hasn’t even started production yet it feels like an eternity. I’ve gone through 7 completely different ideas, 2 storyboarded films, 16 scripts, countless visual tests, and not enough mediation sessions. Alas, here we are, on what I believe (and hope) toContinue reading “Honors Thesis 1 – an overview of the past 6 months of concepting”

Doodle Short Film – a project overview

For the past 6 months, my friend Kheyal and I (and a handful of other students) have been working on a short animated / live action film called Doodle. The film is a romance about Alex, who has a crush on another guy, Cass, and uncertain how to say it, he doodles a love noteContinue reading “Doodle Short Film – a project overview”

Python Day 23 – (brackets) and inefficiency

Today is another short one due to finals. I did some more practice problems and attempted to figure out two small issues that have been bugging me. I learned: When I get the error ‘is not callable’ for numpy arrays that means I’m trying to call the array as a function, and I need toContinue reading “Python Day 23 – (brackets) and inefficiency”

Python Day 22 – practice makes humble

I just went over previous practice problems I’d already done and wow I did not realize how much I had forgotten. It definitely went faster but still… there’s much more work to do. I learned: To select a column in a numpy array is “arr[::1, 2::]”. And when you’re getting the type you just putContinue reading “Python Day 22 – practice makes humble”

Python Day 21 – general research

Okay today was more of a general YouTube research on Python. I looked at Python Programmer ‘s video on Panda and learned how vital Panda is for data visualization and management. I haven’t used the package yet but I know that’s in the next part of the course I’m doing. I also started Siraj Raval’sContinue reading “Python Day 21 – general research”

Python Day 20 – some numpy workarounds in practice

Just did more practice problems today. I learned: I figured out another way to get all the even values of an array! Instead of using the for-if function from yesterday, my friend gave me the hint that I could mask out the values with a boolean. So I put “mask = arrfloat%2==0” and “arrfloat[mask]” andContinue reading “Python Day 20 – some numpy workarounds in practice”

Python Day 19 – I know what it does, but not how to do it

Still stuck on those practice problems… (for reference right now I’m trying to figure out how to only output all the even numbers of a numpy array) I learned: I now know what % does! It takes the remainder, or ‘modulo’, of a number. For instance 5%2 = 0.5. The function itself is also calledContinue reading “Python Day 19 – I know what it does, but not how to do it”

Python Day 18 – Practice Frustrations

Today I went through some practice problems in my course book. So I didn’t learn as many new things but rather found out how much I didn’t know about arrays in Numpy. I learned: That you can set an array type to float with np.float64(“array”) A little thing I learned: That instead of redefining arraysContinue reading “Python Day 18 – Practice Frustrations”

Python Day 17 – Slicing and Dicing with Numpy

Good morning y’all… I learned: That you can take slices of rows/columns (for instance matrix[0] is first row, matrix[1] is second row, and so on). You can also make a .copy of a slice rather than reference the original, although I’m not sure the significance of that quite yet. To only get odd or evenContinue reading “Python Day 17 – Slicing and Dicing with Numpy”

Python Day 16 – Operations on Arrays

Alrighty let’s get right into it… I learned: How do to dot product (in two ways… either x.dot(y) or x @ y), that you can compare arrays with booleans, that you can do basic aggregations (specifically I learned two new basic ones .argmax and .argmin which give the index value for the max and minContinue reading “Python Day 16 – Operations on Arrays”