Python Day 18 – Practice Frustrations

Today I went through some practice problems in my course book. So I didn’t learn as many new things but rather found out how much I didn’t know about arrays in Numpy.

I learned:

That you can set an array type to float with np.float64(“array”)

A little thing I learned:

That instead of redefining arrays to adjust them every line, you can combine adjustments… ex: arr2 = np.arange(1,16).reshape(3,5).T

Believe it or not I was previously writing out separate lines for each operation 🙃

I’m still confused on:

How to print an array minus one of its columns, what % does (I looked through some articles and tested it out and can’t quite figure it out yet), and how to only output the even values in an array. I know I could look that last one up easily but I want to go through a bit more of a struggle first–for… knowledge ya know.

Did y’all know there are videos of Picasso painting?? This blew my mind when I found out a year ago. Maybe I’m just stupid but I thought Picasso was a lot further back in time than that. Anywho if you’re interested here’s a link to a video of him. So cool.

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