Python Day 21 – general research

Okay today was more of a general YouTube research on Python.

I looked at Python Programmer ‘s video on Panda and learned how vital Panda is for data visualization and management. I haven’t used the package yet but I know that’s in the next part of the course I’m doing. I also started Siraj Raval’s intro video to Python which helped me build some more understanding of how it all works–for instance how dependencies are when you import an external code package in one line of script. So whenever I’m writing “import numpy as np” that format can also be used to import anything anyone’s created and posted online. Which is pretty dang neat.

A little frustration:

I tested out the Command+Shift+Alt+Enter to run all the code at once in Jupyter notebooks but it didn’t work! I’m still having to manually run the code to import numpy and define variables. Is this just a normal thing every programmer deals with? It can’t be. I shall consult my friend and google.

Anywho I shall bid thee goodbye. I have a final tomorrow so the next blog might also be a short one!

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