AI Learning Blog #1 – WarpFusion

I’m trying to set a more regular habit to learn and stay up to date with AI, in particular AI imaging. I’ve spent the past 9 months using Deforum to make a short film. And now want to dive into ControlNet, WarpFusion, and other tools. This isn’t meant for anyone else but purely for myselfContinue reading “AI Learning Blog #1 – WarpFusion”

Honors Thesis 1 – an overview of the past 6 months of concepting

Oh wow how does one sum up so much time and work. The project hasn’t even started production yet it feels like an eternity. I’ve gone through 7 completely different ideas, 2 storyboarded films, 16 scripts, countless visual tests, and not enough mediation sessions. Alas, here we are, on what I believe (and hope) toContinue reading “Honors Thesis 1 – an overview of the past 6 months of concepting”

Maya 12 – let’s get back into this

Alrighty I’m prepping for doing an honors thesis short film in Maya and want to take some time to get more aquatinted with the software. So we’re back to blogging woo woo! Today I started a tutorial on modeling a steampunk firefly. I learned: Put reference images in ‘source images’ folder so it will automaticallyContinue reading “Maya 12 – let’s get back into this”

Web3.0 Research Blog #1

Okay today I continued to look into some Web3.0 stuff. I quickly bounced between: decentraland (online virtual space where people are premiering videos and purchasing land) this great blog for updates for Web3.0 this article about the best NFT projects looking into the Imaginary Ones NFT project which finally led me to discovering OpenSea whichContinue reading “Web3.0 Research Blog #1”

Maya 11 – a sit down with a pro

The other week I sat down with a professional 3D artist at Warner who graciously answered a lot of my Maya questions and showed me some great tricks… I learned: For shading, to clean up the material library go to ‘edit’ -> ‘delete unused nodes’. Within the node graph we can press tab to quicklyContinue reading “Maya 11 – a sit down with a pro”

Doodle Animation Blog #2 – moving on to the second action

Last week we had an acting meeting and received notes from some of our friends on the opening sequence acting. After making some adjustments and 6 versions of the scene we went from this sequence: To this one: I’m pretty happy with the change. We made the head movement at the start more deliberate. AddedContinue reading “Doodle Animation Blog #2 – moving on to the second action”

Python Day 66 – starting to analyze my own data

Today I imported a .csv file with some data on fulfillment that I’ve been tracking for myself for a couple months. I then tried to do some analysis on it… I learned: To use the .iloc[row, column] property in Pandas to select certain rows of data. While it works it also returns the value notContinue reading “Python Day 66 – starting to analyze my own data”

Doodle Animation Blog #1 – the opening action

Today I added the sign, completed the triangles of the legs, and added a bit of animation at the end of this to have the sign disappear. I’m still not sure about some of the acting moments. Specifically the way he looks up and around to the sign at the start, and the initial pauseContinue reading “Doodle Animation Blog #1 – the opening action”

Doodle Short Film – a project overview

For the past 6 months, my friend Kheyal and I (and a handful of other students) have been working on a short animated / live action film called Doodle. The film is a romance about Alex, who has a crush on another guy, Cass, and uncertain how to say it, he doodles a love noteContinue reading “Doodle Short Film – a project overview”