Python Day 16 – Operations on Arrays

Alrighty let’s get right into it…

I learned:

How do to dot product (in two ways… either or x @ y), that you can compare arrays with booleans, that you can do basic aggregations (specifically I learned two new basic ones .argmax and .argmin which give the index value for the max and min values in an array), and that you can input “np.nan” as a placeholder value when you don’t know the value in an array (although you need to make sure to use a nan-safe operation on these arrays).

A little thing I learned:

Didn’t realize I had to reimport numpy after reopening Jupiter notebooks. Was a quick fix though 🙂

I’m still confused on:

For splitting an array (ex: .vsplit(2,3)), I’m still very confused on what the 2 and 3 do. I understand it has something to do with where the array will get split, but after testing out different numbers and looking up the documentation I’m still a bit confuzzled. I know it’ll be one of those things that clicks for me one day and I’ll feel like a genius / idiot for a few mins. I’m excited for that day.

Still don’t know how to end these blogs….

Fun fact: Floccinaucinihilipilification means “the action or habit of estimating something as worthless”

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