Python Day 23 – (brackets) and inefficiency

Today is another short one due to finals. I did some more practice problems and attempted to figure out two small issues that have been bugging me.

I learned:

When I get the error ‘is not callable’ for numpy arrays that means I’m trying to call the array as a function, and I need to use [] instead of (). This is finally shedding some light on my earlier query as to the difference between brackets and parenthesis in python… most interesting.

Something I shall soon learn:

I unfortunately have yet to find a way to automatically run / import script when I open up my Jupyter notebook. I went through two different article’s solutions to no avail. From stack exchange it appears it’s normal to just re-run your code when you reopen, but that seems inefficient to me. I’m sure there’s an easy solution I shall find one day and laugh at myself writing this now.

I shall wait patiently for that day. Or just text my friend Aman… 🙂

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