A New Take (stylistically… duh – Sunday Sketch #11)

This one was a really fun one for me. I was not planning on making this one at the time but then as I was rushing through my house (which is five minutes away from campus) picking up some stuff I stumbled upon my old lego collection and this idea struck me. Once I the idea was in my head I couldn’t get it out so I stopped everything I was doing and sat on my floor and played with legos and cut out paper until this creation was made. I’ve never been a big paper cutout person, so this style was different for me, but overall I’m happy with how the whole image came out. The hardest part was getting the camera at the right angle. Initially I planned to hold both pieces of paper (for the background and foreground) and set a timed pic on my phone, but it was too hard to get the angle of the camera to stay steady at such a low position to the ground. So instead I got a stool out and taped the background pic to one of the stool legs which freed a hand for me to operate the phone camera with.

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