My First Wedding Gig! (Sunday Sketch #10)

The process for telling this story came very naturally. With the slow increase in number of panels I was at first concerned that I would have trouble finding a five beat story, but when I wrote out a “shot list” I found that they all sort of fell into place. The story could have ended with the third panel, or even the fourth, which makes the last panel not super necessary but I think it still adds enough to justify the entire piece being five panels. I also allowed myself to not care as much about the artistic style for this one. This is in part due to me doing this project late, but also I think due to how one needs to start their style in a small panel which slowly evolves into a much bigger panel. If the style got much more detailed with the bigger pictures it would have felt disconjointed, especially given how on this website they are all the same size.

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