Heyo! I’ve been telling stories since I was 10 years old playing with lego stop motion in my basement. Since then I’ve dived into in live action, claymation, hand drawn animation, 3D graphics, and many more mediums of visual creation. I love to push myself with each project and forever exist in that childhood playground of creation.

Some of the most influential films on myself have been: Before Sunrise, Mind Game, Ernest and Celestine, The Incredibles, etc…

While I love art, I’m not defined solely by it. I also love playing soccer, going for long hikes in the North Georgia mountains, and that satisfying crinkle sound from balling up aluminum foil.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia
Student at Emory University




WarnerMedia 3D Graphics Internship
Spring 2022

RiTE Media 3D Assistant
Summer 2021

Creative Director of Peak Productions
Fall 2019 – Spring 2022

Freelance Director/Cinematographer/Graphics/Editor
Fall 2018 – Present

Notable Awards

Tied for most awards and nominations ever at Campus Movie Fest, the world’s largest student film festival, for “My Bunny’s Story”

Highest Honors for Thesis Short Film “Remembrance”

Best Animated Film Award two years in a row at Terminus Film Festival (for “Roasted” and “My Bunny’s Story”)

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