How a Camera Works (Sunday Sketch #12)

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, especially because I had no plan going into it. I think that helped though. Once I realized I wanted to do a diagram of how a camera works I just started drawing, without a full plan for how everything was going to fit together. This allowed me to organically think about how our class is structured. I went from start to finish. First we read a graphic novel, and then we discuss it in class (condensesing the information), and then we pick up what information we want and process it outside of class, and then we display that information through writing, and then we transfer our writing to an assembly of visual images, and then we upload that visual image on our websites. One could also consider our initial perception of the graphic novel (titled “our own perspective”) as the first step, but it doesn’t flow as well like that. As I was making this I came up with the next step as a part of the camera. This process allowed me to incorporate or exclude certain parts of the camera. I could have included focusing the lense, framing the shot, adjusting the settings of the image, or even pressing the record button. I didn’t do this partly because it didn’t fit the structure of the class process I was trying to emulate, which is kinda cheating, but overall I think the piece still flows logically.

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