Maya Day 9 – speed tips and animation basics

Today I watched a video on how to speed up Maya and went through the interactive tutorial to learn the very basics of animation.

I learned:

To speed up Maya… in hypershade, hit the top left button to pause the loading of swatches. In viewport, turn off AO, shadows, motion blur, and also one can pause the viewport all together to make changes in the scene outliner without it lagging. To speed up loading Maya, one can unload unnecessary plugins. And when using image plans make sure to have them .jpeg and not .png’s.

For animation… ‘S’ is the keyboard shortcut to make a keyframe, and in the keyframe editor one must shift click on a keyframe in order to drag/move it.

Looking forward:

I might try to use this tomorrow to do some basic animation on Linky. Although without the character rigged in Maya, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do. We shall see!

I also looked into motion channels and realized that I don’t know if I have the right term written down. It doesn’t seem to have a direct meaning in Maya? At least from Google. So I think for now I’ll just focus on getting some fun renders out. Maybe some animation 🙂

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