Python Day 65 – importing my own data

Today I tried taking some data and messing around with it. I was able to import the .csv but didn’t get to manipulating it.

I learned:

While this was mostly reviewing old notes/workbooks of mine, I did learn that there is a big conceptual difference between a database and dataframe. I’m not 100% certain but it seems like db are what’s used in sqlite, whereas dataframes are specifically Pandas? There is a different import strategy for each and different code that needs to be used to look/manipulate them.

I am still confused on:

Which one should I be using for my data? What if I want the Panda commands as well as the sqlite select features? This is making me realize that there are still a lot of concepts I have to fully grasp. I’m happy I’m able to understand there’s something I don’t understand here though.

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