Maya Day 8 – rendering Linky

Today I just had some fun rendering out my Linky character (Maya only crashed twice!)

I learned:

To move all objects around a singular point (if they are grouped), select one object -> press up arrow (selects group) -> then move! This solves the problem I was having yesterday 🙂

I also got general experience in lighting, camera movement, and rendering/render layers.

I am still confused on:

There were several discrepancies between the viewport image of the camera and the render (objects would be in different places and the camera would appear to have a different focal length). I’m not 100% sure what’s causing this, although I believe it might have something to do with render layers. I would move an object back to it’s right place, switch to a different render layer, then the object would pop back into the wrong place (although once I moved it again with this render layer selected it was fine). Does each render layer keep its own values for the objects data?

I also need some more practice with lighting/shading. I’m not super happy with the lighting of my test render. The shadows are too deep on the left side of Linky, and when I tried bringing in some fill it made the ground super bright. I balanced out the roughness of the ground so it wasn’t completely blown out, but I still think it needs more tweaking (lighting/shading wise). It might also be a texturing issue with the black of the wheels. All of the shaders transferred over from Blender pretty well (even the roughness noise on the red metal!) except for the rubber.

Looking forward:

I’d like to tweak this render some more, however I want to make sure I get familiar with motion channels before my 3D internship starts. So tomorrow I think I’ll look up some tutorials for that and if I have time I’ll do some more test rendering with Linky!

I also don’t want to forget to figure out the difference between exporting and .fbx to UE and the ‘send to Unreal’ button in Maya. Future Isaac I hope you read this. Do not forget.

Or else 🙂

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