My Backpack feat. a spoon (Sunday Sketch #6)

  • MacBook Pro (bought specifically for film editing… also some schoolwork)
  • Beats Headphones (that came with MacBook Pro)
  • Side Converter for Macbook Pro
  • Cord to connect SSD to computer for film editing (usually I’d have my SSD but I didn’t take it over fall break)
  • Random power brick
  • Earbuds that I barely use because I already have Beats
  • 4 mechanical pencils (cause why not)
  • 2 Red/3 Black Pilot G-2 07 pens (I have done all the testing and confirmed that these are the best pens to use… I literally have a pile of 20 of them in my desk drawer)
  • A spoon (not normally there but it was when I took this pic)
  • Deodorant (cause duh)
  • The Best We Could Do (cause I gotta do some work over fall break)
  • My Netflix water bottle (this is actually one of my most prized possessions. I have been using this water bottle for years and I love it with all my heart)
  • My Astrobiology class notebook (cause I have it right after English)
  • Black Backpack (that I’ve been using for the past 3 years… I was just too lazy to get one for college)

Not to sound cliché, but a backpack really does tell a lot about someone. Usually my backpack would also have two SSD’s which I always carry because they have my film footage that I’m constantly editing, but over break I purposely left those at Emory so I could focus on other work/chilling. I did do a bit of cheating to take out some things that are only there because I have to take all of my work with me to fall break, but for some reason I felt the need to include a spoon, despite the fact that this is the first time I’ve ever had a spoon in my backpack. It’s funny and quirky so I thought I might as well leave it in there. I think that typing that catalog of my backpack’s contents is most definitely a form of writing, but I also think that every time you write something it’s a form of writing, it just might not be as “poetic” or “artistic” as other forms. With the personal quippy prompting for this particular list I can get a feel for other’s personality and there is a lot of artistic freedom to do what you want with the assignment. So I would say this is a more narrative building form of writing than one might initially think.

This assignment did make me think. I have been very particular about what I put in my backpack and over the years it has evolved. From types of books to types of pencils. I do, however, keep the same stuff in the same zipper pockets –to the point where I can blindly find any type of object if it’s in my backpack. Everything has a place. Now I just wonder what my backpack will look like in 10 years…

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