Sweet Goodbyes (Sunday Sketch #5)

Sweet Goodbyes

At first I put way too much thought into this project. I wanted to make something truly artistic and deep and profound. Then I realized I was spending too much time thinking about it so I forced myself to start drawing and make it up from there. Here is my first, and quite frankly frightening, idea:

my first attempt…

For some reason this comic cracked me up. I couldn’t stop laughing. But for another, somehow unclear, reason I didn’t feel it was the right comic for this assignment. So then I settled for the strawberry idea. The main struggle I had was coming up with a quick three beat narrative that told a story. I think this is why I went first to a basic three line joke, and then later allowed the last beat of the comic to not include any words and stand alone as “just” an image. This assignment made me think rhythmically with my storytelling, which was a new experience for my written work. I am constantly thinking about rhythm when it comes to editing film, but usually that can stand separate from the story itself. Here, I was pleasantly challenged to merge the two to craft this stupid joke.

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