Doodle Animation Blog #2 – moving on to the second action

Last week we had an acting meeting and received notes from some of our friends on the opening sequence acting. After making some adjustments and 6 versions of the scene we went from this sequence:

To this one:

I’m pretty happy with the change. We made the head movement at the start more deliberate. Added in a pause / turn of the head when Doodle considers what the sign is saying and makes the connection to Cass (which was a very good note thank you Aiden!). I also updated the sign animation, however I know it it still a bit janky at this stage. For now I’ve moved on from this shot. In the final version of this action I know I’d like to tweak the eyeline of Doodle reading the sign, as well as make some minor adjustments to the timing of the body movements.

For the past few days I’ve been working on a sequence of action much later in the film, in which Doodle runs away from being put in the recycling, hides around a corner on the desk, sees the airplane information across the room from him, and starts folding himself into an airplane. Right now I have the first two parts of this action very roughly laid out:

I’m happy with the skidding to a halt, however I think the pushing up could be a bit quicker, and the breathing / head turn needs to be slowed down. That shall be an issue for future discussions though.

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