Python Day 66 – starting to analyze my own data

Today I imported a .csv file with some data on fulfillment that I’ve been tracking for myself for a couple months. I then tried to do some analysis on it…

I learned:

To use the .iloc[row, column] property in Pandas to select certain rows of data. While it works it also returns the value not in a Pandas dataframe (?):

I am still confused on:

How to return the values in an actual dataframe once using .iloc. Also, when I tried to select for all values greater than 0 with this code:


I got a key error for ’18’. I’m not sure what’s up with that yet.

Looking forward:

I want to learn how to select the values of a certain row only if they have an inputted value (not the blank NaN’s). This will eventually lead me to graphing the values of fulfillment and compare them with the component values of personal time, work time, creative time, etc…

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