Maya Day 2 – rendering issue

Today I technically finished the beginner Maya tutorial, however I ran into some issues rendering which I’ll get into later…

I learned:

When texturing, there are a ton of preset nodes that give you ‘leather’, ‘rock’, etc patterns automatically! That was pretty neat to find. Especially when I was trying to make a leather texture hah.

One can create an emission shader by raising the emission weight value.

I also found a ton of cool YouTube channels which I’ll use for more tutorials and learning. I’m too lazy at the moment to put them all here but if I use one of their videos in the future I’ll write em down.

I am still confused on:

When I render an image it renders beautifully, but then upon what appears to be a second pass, the image gets completely overexposed. Why are there two passes? Why is one of them so bright?

Additionally things I’ve been wondering… when shading, why does one need to ‘clear the workspace’ of nodes every time? What’s the benefit of having the nodes not attached automatically to the material they were created on? Is it so you can transfer nodes to multiple shaders more easily?

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