Python Day 45 – progress on SQL!

Today I didn’t think I’d get much done but I actually felt like I understood the bare basics of SQL!

I learned:

Use * to select all columns from the data. To use a pandas dataframe use the .read_sql() function. I also learned the basics of SELECT, FROM, and conditional statements (for instance how to use LIKE and % to easily manipulate the data I see). That was super gratifying to see work. Although…

I’m still confused on:

The course I’m following instructed me to check whether there is a connection between the code and data at the very start. We used a fancy formula for it although I’m not sure why we couldn’t just try to pull from the data and if it didn’t work then we’d know then.

Also, when printing a table, what do the different table[numbers] mean? In this example dataset the values of 1-4 gave very different results that don’t seem to stack up on each other in a way my mind thinks they should.

Overall though, yay! Small progress.

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