Python Day 42 – more pandas

Went through some more intro stuff with Pandas today…

I learned:

To import a CSV file with the pd.read_csv(“file path”) function. One can look at the shape of data with .shape operation (yay numpy!). To show data in reverse order put .sort_values(ascending=False).

I’m still confused on:

What exactly is the significance of figuring out the datatype of files. For instance, when it says the datatype is int64 what does the ’64’ mean? I know it’s good to know whether the value is int, float, str, etc… but do the numbers correlate to something important?

I asked my friend about the question I had yesterday about the .sort_values() function not working with different digit numbers, and he mentioned that it’s because I have to convert them to numeric values first. He gave me a couple options to do so (df.columnname.astype(float) or pd.to_numeric) although when I’m typing them in Jupyter they produce and error as they don’t seem to be properly syntaxed in. I know I could easily ask my friend but I want to look into it on my own more first. So it shall be an issue for future Isaac! Yay.

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