Eye See You (2 Sketches for my Sunday Sketch #2)

“Creativity is in the eye of the beholder”
– Isaac Gazmararian, 2019
“Hold my Coke”
– No one, ever

I had the idea for the Coca Cola one a week ago. I think I was intrigued by the concept of playing with perspective and I wanted a dynamic image with perspective of the face and the Coke flowing in mid-air. I ended up doing a “mock-up” of my idea last week which is what you see here.

When I sat down to do my “real” version of the image something just didn’t feel right. I wanted to try something different. I didn’t like how the red Coca Cola bottle popped out so much from the black and white drawing. First I grabbed for a charging cord. Then when I got my mechanical pencil out of my pencil bag I saw all of my other pencils and pens just sitting there, practically asking to be used. My natural instinct went straight to drawing an eye. I actually have a long history of drawing hundreds of eyes over the years, slowly booming more and more realistic. They are my favorite thing to draw and I love exploring different styles, so this seemed like a natural experiment for me to take. Once that idea took hold it couldn’t be stopped. I quickly walked around to my hall mates and borrowed most of the blue pens and mechanicals that you see there. I was a little rushed with putting together the whole image because I had to leave to pick my brother up from the airport, but overall I’m happy with the experiment in style.

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