Python Day 38 – iterating ranges and continue/break

Today learned that you can quickly print out a lot of numbers with loops and a range() function. You can also nest for loops inside of loops! The basic example I got for this was to create a multiplication table, but I assume there will be many more uses for this.

We also delved into continuing and breaking loops of lists. To continue is to skip over a value when the loop gets to it, and to break is to stop the entire loop when it gets to it. Continue is a little redundant as you can use ‘if =! value’ to avoid a certain value, but it can be better for readability of the code in some situations.

“None” is a good null value to assign to variables when you want to have a variable ready to be assigned to something else.

Oh! I figured out the reason I was getting the isupper() error yesterday. Of course it was a simple syntax error. I was putting isupper(variable) when I should have put variable.isupper().

That was so frustrating and satisfying to discover at the same time. Thus is the life I guess.

Peace out.

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