Python Day 29 – mixing strings and numbers

Continued the Udemy intro course which covered some more string operators and replacement fields.

I learned:

If you make a list of string items, you can call the index of an item and then call a specific character within that item by putting two brackets back to back (ex: mylist[1][3]). You can multiply lists or strings which essentially prints that many copies of them, but you can’t add a value unless you convert it into a string first.

One efficient way to combine strings and other data types is to use .format(). This allows you to input anything by setting up a new index value of items. For instance:

print(“hi i’m a number {0} and i like {1}”.format(3, “five”))

I now realize that the above code I wrote earlier is very stupid. But who would ever read this… aside from my parents if I ever end up telling them I have a blog.

Alas, that’s for another day.

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