Python Day 25 – some new basics

Today I started an intro course in Udemy which turned out to be pretty useful as it’s easy to forget some of the basics.

I learned:

You can do math directly within print()! Before I was writing

a = 5*5


#but now


It feels obvious now but it’s these little things that make this feel like learning a language. I also learned that the input() function lets the user custom write their own value/string when running the code. Apparently the backslash key ( \ ) has a more general ‘escape’ functionality which excludes things from strings or can perform more operations than adding a new paragraph with “\n”. You can also use it for tabbing in text (“\t”) or removing the functionality of ” if you want it to remain as a string and not read as part of the defining function.

I’m realizing I’m saying a lot of words that I’m not completely sure are correct in these scenarios (like value, function, etc). I am likely going to look back on this and laugh at my stupid self. But oh well, print(“Hello future Isaac”).

A little thing I shall soon learn:

Is there a major difference between using Jupyter notebooks and other softwares (like IntelliJ IDEA)? What’s the functionality between them?

Anywho I hope you have a wonderful day! Whoever you are…


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