My Journey

I don’t believe in presenting only the best parts of my work. We all start somewhere and are in a continual process of evolution. So here’s a bit of my story…

Early Stop Motion Days:

When I was 11 years old my parents gave me a 3DS. Upon discovering its stop motion capability my life was forever changed.

Here are my first projects I ever created:

While these are silly, putting them here is a reminder to maintain that childhood joy and wonder at the magic of this craft.

I then graduated to doing real life stop motion with my dearest childhood friends. These two completely improv’d projects were the largest ones I’d ever worked on at the time (as a 12 year old).

High School – The Transition to Live Action:

I was lucky enough to attend a high school that had a film production course. This, in combination with obsessive watching of YouTube film video-essays, spurred me into exploring the narrative potential of film.

I made 30-40 short films in this time all of which I now cringe at. Three notable projects from this phase that I shall dare to share are You’re Next (my first scripted project), Believe (a music short film that I was assigned to make to a song I shall never speak the name of again), and The Present (about a high school heist).

College – Creating with Others:

In 2019 I started my film degree at Emory University. There I started creating projects with a cohort of some of my best friends. At college I truly began my journey in creative collaboration.

Re-Discovering Animation:

When COVID hit I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, so I pursued the dream of making animated films. My first ever animation was the one below in the program Blender. This newfound passion for creating computer generated imagery came in tandem with an interest in VFX (as shown by the two quarantine films I made when I got very bored).

Delving Further into 3D Animation:

Over the course of 2020 I became more and more fascinated with certain aspects of 3D animation, including liquid simulations and procedural graphics/materials.

This interest came to a breakthrough when I was offered to create the 3D animations for a

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